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Is it okay to use the Smart Buy Direct AU site to resell items to my customers?

Response: We offer you a reseller service without any additional cost. Through this service, you must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) in order to sell items. To use this facility, you do not require a separate website or login. You can use your existing login with us to resell items to your customers. All you need to do is to register like a normal customer at Smart Buy Direct AU via Create Account or simply send us a message through our Contact page and we will certainly be happy to assist you.

Since we understand your requirements, we

Do not attach pricing or invoice information on your package. All this information is emailed to you. Have added a feature to include multiple addresses. You can change the shipment address for each order you place on our site. This saves you time, since you do not have to enter the address again for any repeat order.
The tax invoice emailed to you acts as proof of purchase and helps in warranty claims, when required. However, since warranty is non-transferable, you must directly make the claims.

One thing that you must remember is that we cannot guarantee availability of all items on our list at all times. If you are running your business by purchasing at eBay auctions and reselling the bought items to your customers, we would advice you to avoid running large auctions. Moreover, we always advice you to sell products that are on the "buy it now" listings, as there is no guarantee of a product going out of stock.

We value strong relationships between our and your businesses.

Is it okay if I use product images and descriptions provided at Smart Buy Direct AU to resell items?

Response: Since we wish you to be successful in your business endeavor, as we have been, we have no issues with you using our product images and descriptions while reselling  items.

We value strong relationships between our and your businesses and wish you all the luck in the business.


Any Amazon.com.au products linked with Smart Buy Direct AU.

AND, any branded items without approval from our authorised Australian suppliers.

All Amazon.com.au products linked with Smart Buy Direct AU are the properties of Amazon.com.au and/or their respective Trademark owners.

Smart Buy Direct AU does not own any Amazon.com.au Product's and Associated Brand's Trademarks, Logos or Names. Smart Buy Direct AU operates as a third-party affilliate of Amazon.com.au.

Whereby; as an Amazon Associate we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

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